Thursday, October 2, 2008

A year long gift

Do you have a niece or nephew that would love to get a book a month? How about a grand child? I know that my children would appreciate a new book all the time. At least Zoe would, Miles only chews on them right now.

When you order a book from Karen you get the book, a very cute lollipop and a specialized letter from you. Here is one of the samples sets you can get for a 12 month old in hardback.

#45 Option 1
Month 1: My Friend Rabbit
Month 2: Snowmen at Night
Month 3: Don't You Feel Well, Sam?
Month 4: On the Night You Were Born
Month 5: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Month 6: Counting Crocodiles
Month 7: Corduroy
Month 8: Rumble in the Jungle
Month 9: If You Take a Mouse to the Movies
Month 10: My Big Dog
Month 11: I Like Me
Month 12: Whose Mouse Are You?

My daughter has four Corduroy books. She loves them. She has learned a lot through reading and giving the gift of reading is a wonderful way to help a child grow and develop. My husband and I love reading to our kids. She has the ages separated into different age groups.
Ages 2 to 4
Ages 4 to 6
Ages 6 to 8
Ages 8 to 12

This seems to be a way to give and keep giving all year around. Go visit and sign up for her e-mail list.