Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pee pee in the potty poo poo in the tub

My daughter loves to take baths and lately we've had an issue of going poo poo in the tub. Now I can see the sign, I ask her, I you going poo poo? She smiles and says no. I know that means yes but for some reason I believe her and let her be. She has only done this twice, but I hate cleaning it up. So, next time I ask I'm going to make sure she knows what she is saying and that I know if she is going or not.

On another point though, we have started potty training, well, very minimally. She knows when she needs to go, so we got her a potty and explained what it is. She says pot pot pot. She can say poo, and poo poo. She has a sign when she wants to be changed. She grabs her diaper and says help. So every now and then we ask her if she wants to sit on her potty. She grabs a book or a toy and along we go. The other night she sat there for a while and I asked her if she went. I didn't think that she went, but she did. Yeah, she went pee pee in the potty. I'm really not sure that she is aware that she did anything special, because it hasn't happened again. I'm also not very big on pushing her to potty train because she is a little self conscious about the whole thing and getting her diaper changed in the first place. We did reward her though with a chocolate chip. Her very first chocolate chip. She immediately did the sign for more. To her disappointment she didn't get another and was told she could have more when she went potty on the potty again. What do you do for potty training. Advice is welcome.


creadiv said...

Great story.

To influence my son into using the pot we made a chart for him that we hung on the bathroom door.

It was labeled with the days of the week and for everyday that he went on the potty he got a sticker for that day. If he filled the entire week with stickers he got a small treat. A toy or a new snack from the grocery store.

I think it worked really well because he had incentive because he was proud to put up new stickers and to show them to people and he was rewarded if he made it through the week.

Good luck and I don't get to stressed out. Potty training isn't easy and it may take a while, but they won't poop in their pants, or the tub forever.

whybeamom said...

louise, children are not ready for potty training until 2-2 1/2 years old. They know that they have done something and need theie diaper changed but don't have the mental compacity yet to know they have to know that they are going potty before it happens. when you put them on their pot it is the correct position for going potty so naturally sometimes it just happens. Trying to early just stesses you both.So much stress will make it even harder for her to learn. When she is ready you will know she will "tell" you.
It's like when they walk we can't make them until their body is ready.Don't worry first babies are always the hardest! Your babies are beautiful and look very happy!!

Momstart said...

We're not really trying to potty train yet. I know she's not ready she can't pull her own pants up and down. I've just been talking to her about it and my stepmom seems to think she should be able to go potty. Thanks for the advice.