Saturday, September 13, 2008

Survey a day!

So, i've been really busy lately. I was doing donation requests for my MOMS club and getting ready for MOMS club garage sale and i got sick, and taking care of my kids and working on traffic for my blogs and taking surveys and pushing myself to get it all done. Yuck. I think i'm not sick anymore so let me tell you about my survey taking

Taking surveys is paying off a little. I like to think of them as coupons anyways. I took a couple 75 cent surveys last week and I'll cash in with them in October. Lightspeed is my favorite they are so fast. I got a check from some company last week and then another check this week. They were both a couple dollars but hey, that's like five coupons. I got a coupon from Kelloggs for a free box of cheeze its. That's another three dollars. I also have gotten two packages of four roll toilet paper. I think that's about it.

My other ad things aren't doing anything, but I don't expect them to since I don't have any traffic on this site. My entrecard people have dropped off into nothing. I think tomorrow I'll work on Entrecard and Twitter and enter some contests over at My best friend's site.

Contests - someone always has to win Might as well be you