Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Today my Thursday thirteen are ways to make money.

1. Cut Coupons they are cash wherever they are good.
(I saved 57.00 at the grocery store this week)
2. Start Blogging for money.
(use Payperpost and Snapbomb)
3. Use Freebies
4. Take Surveys (but don't count on a lot)
5. Be a mystery Shopper
6. Use your car to advertise
7. Use credit cards to gain points
8. Use credit cards to get 0 percent interest on credit transfers
9. Turn Savings into higher interest in a cd - even if you can do the min do it
10. When you use your debit do a Keep the Change program
11. Use Advertisements on your blog, place things close that that people will accidentally click on them
12. If you have a hobby turn it into money
13. Get a Job

Leave a comment if you want more information on any of these ideas